It is entirely possible to remove reviews from the internet. There are many reasons why a review should be removed.

An EMPATHIQ employee will listen to your side of the story and write a compelling letter to the website where it is published requesting that the review be removed.

Here are the most popular reasons why a review should be removed:

  • Duplicate Postings:
    A consumer has posted more than 1 review on your profile.
  • Not a Patient
    Someone who is really angry is posing as a patient to hurt your reputation.
  • Unreasonably Inaccurate Claims
    The person claims that you did something that you clearly did not do.

If a website refuses to remove a review, stay calm. You still have two more tools that are just as effective as removal:

  • Write a Response
    EMPATHIQ can help you publicly respond in a way that neutralizes the review. Call (858) 257-1000 to speak with an EMPATHIQ specialist.
  • Dilute the Review with Happy Patients
    Review Link, included in all EMPATHIQ paid plans, will automatically route patients to the review sites that are most important for you. Click to learn more about Review Link.
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