105: Text MSG

Get reviews with a Text Message flyer

This lesson describes how to get more reviews online from hanging a text message flyer in your office.

Please forward this lesson to your office manager, have him/her print it out and bring it back to you with the following action steps checked-off:


  • 1. [ ] Click the Print flyer link
  • 2. [ ] Copy the flyer into Microsoft Word
  • 3. [ ] Print & hang the flyer in your office


We encourage you to test this feature on your own phone to see how it works.

When you send a text message, you'll see that patients are first asked to rate their experience from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). Patients who rate you a 1 to 3 are asked what you can do better. Patients who rate you a 4 or 5 are given your DrStars.com link so they can continue to write a review for you online.

Thwart Negative Reviews

Image: Patients who rate you a 1 to 3 are asked for their feedback via text.

Promote Positive Reviews

Image: Patients who rate you a 4 or 5 are sent online to write you a review.

You'll be notified by 11am PDT the next day with a record of each person who texted in. The subject of the email will say "New Text Message Activity."


Dr. Kenneth Pages (http://success.reviewconcierge.com/pages/) hangs his Text Message Flyer in a plastic standup by his front desk.


There is immense competition for your patients' attention. It typically takes 5 patient texts to net you one (1) new review online. The key to getting more online reviews is to have office protocols that systematically request feedback from patients.

You should implement all of the DrStars lessons that you can. The combination of seeing a text message flyer (DrStars 105) with hearing your request for feedback (Drstars 102) and receiving a letter or email (DrStars 101) is 3x more effective when used together.

Be patient if someone says he/she will write you feedback and does not follow through. Getting reviews is easiest when you have systems that, over time, gently remind all of your happy patients to write feedback.

To fast-forward this lesson plan and talk to EMPATHIQ about establishing protocols in your office to get more reviews, please call 866.407.6020 or email support@empathiq.io.

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