106: Thank You

Stimulate more reviews by writing 'thank you' responses

This lesson explains how responding to your positive reviews will stimulate more reviews.

Please forward this lesson to your practice administrator, have him/her print it out and bring it back to you with the following action steps checked-off:


  • 1. [ ] "Request a comment" on the latest positive reviews you have received
  • 2. [ ] Write a thank you comment to each reviewer
  • 3. [ ] Respond to new positive reviews with a comment as they arrive


  • 1. Catch up by asking EMPATHIQ for a "Request for Comment" on your lastest positive reviews from each site. You can reach us by calling 866.407.6020 or emailing support@empathiq.io.
  • 2. Respond to each "Request for Comment" email that we send you. You can say something as simple as "Thanks" or you can go into more details about why you appreciate their comments. Dr. Angela Harney is a doctor who writes great responses to her positive reviews: http://www.angelaharneydentistry.com/reviews.html
  • 3. Reply to each New Review Alert that you receive going forward. EMPATHIQ will receive your response and post it online for you.


Doctors may receive thank you letters from patients in the mail. These patients want you to know that they appreciate you. If these patients saw you responded to other reviews, some of them would write their thanks online instead of in a letter. (Patients don’t really believe you read your online reviews unless you respond.)

The key to getting more online reviews is to have office protocols that systematically remind patients to leave feedback.

You should implement all of the DrStars lessons that you can. The combination of seeing a text message flyer (DrStars 105) with hearing your request for feedback (Drstars 102) and receiving a letter or email (DrStars 101) is 3x more effective when used together.

Be patient if someone says he/she will write you feedback and does not follow through. Getting reviews is easiest when you have systems that, over time, gently remind all of your happy patients to write feedback.

To talk to a EMPATHIQ about establishing protocols in your office to get more reviews, please call 866.407.6020 or email support@empathiq.io.

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