104: Highlighted Reviews

Put good reviews on your website

This lesson describes how to integrate positive reviews into your website with the Highlighted Reviews add-on.

Please forward this lesson to your webmaster for installation.

To integrate Highlighted Reviews onto your website, simply embed below code into any webpage on your site. A "best practice" is to create a page called reviews.html, and place it there. Or you can add it on top of your existing testimonials page... or below your bio.

<iframe src="https://expert-reputation.com/rc-reviews-widget/show/oid/476576?per_page=5&powered=1" frameborder="0" width="500" height="550"></iframe>

This code was designed to make integration as simple as possible. Currently, there is no way to customize the CSS styles of this iFrame. If you have suggestions for CSS styles, please let us know and we will consider adding them to the product as our development schedules allow.

Feel free to adjust the per_page parameter which sets the number or reviews displayed on one page. You can also hide EMPATHIQ logo by setting powered parameter to 0.

EMPATHIQ must approve each review for public consumption; no review is made visible by default. It takes 1-2 days after first Review Report Card send for initial reviews approval.


 An example of Highlighted Reviews add-on

You can use this badge to link to the highlighted reviews from your homepage or on any page on your website:

You can use this button to take patients to your DrStars.com link to write a review:

To fast-forward this lesson plan and talk to EMPATHIQ about establishing a protocol in your office to get more reviews, please call 866.407.6020 or email support@empathiq.io.

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