108: Care Surveys

Use your existing feedback process to get reviews

This lesson explains how to leverage your existing patient feedback surveys to get more online reviews.

Please forward this lesson to your surveys administrator, have him/her print it out and bring it back to you with the following action steps checked-off:



  • 1. Order the Quality of Care Surveys add-on for $55/subscriber/month by calling 866.407.6020 or emailing support@empathiq.io. The charge will be automatically added to the payment method you have on file.
  • 2. Decide to use your own account with Survey Monkey or EMPATHIQ's account with Checkbox Online. (Larger institutions will most likely want to use their own account with Survey Monkey so they can store more sensitive data.)
  • 3. Send EMPATHIQ your existing survey questions. We will read them over and build an electronic prototype that works with DrStars. Once approved, EMPATHIQ will help you port each electronic survey into your organization's DrStars.com links. At the end of each survey, patients who give you high marks will be asked to write a public online review. Patients who do not leave you high ratings will not be asked to write a review.


By integrating your surveys into DrStars, not only will you continue to receive your existing quality of care metrics, you will also begin to generate online reviews for your practice.

Once implemented, you can expect similar response rates to your existing patient feedback process. The only factor that we are changing from your original process is where surveys are collected.

To talk to EMPATHIQ about establishing protocols in your office to get more reviews, please call 866.407.6020 or email support@empathiq.io.

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