Put 50 patient review letters on your front desk

Please forward this lesson to your office manager, have him/her print it out and bring it back to you with the following action steps checked-off:


  • 1. Customize one of the attached Patient Review Letters
  • 2. Print 50 letters on your letterhead
  • 3. Train your front desk to hand them out


  • 1. There are two Microsoft Word files included in this lesson:Patient Review Letter-Feedback Click herePatient Review Letter-Endorsement Click hereYou'll notice that the -Feedback letter merely asks for "feedback." The -Endorsement letter more explicitly asks for a review. Choose the template that you feel most comfortable with. Most doctors use the -Endorsement letter, but they verbally ask for "feedback" as they're handing out the letter.
  • 2. Print a stack of 50 letters, and give them to your front desk staff. Tell the front desk that this stack of letters needs to be given out completely—no more letters left—within 30 days.
  • 3. There is only one rule: give them to satisfied patients. If the letters are still on your front desk in 30 days, you either have no satisfied patients or your front desk isn't handing out the patient review letters.

One way to signal to your front office staff that a patient is happy is write a smiley face on the patient's routing slip. Upon checkout, the patient hands the routing slip to the front desk. The front desk then includes a copy of the Patient Review Letter in the patient's discharge papers.


It typically takes 50 patient review letters to net you one (1) new review; we call this the 1:50 rule.

The average doctor who uses EMPATHIQ conducts 3,000 patient visits a year. If patients are satisfied only 50% of the time, the doctor has 1,500 opportunities to get a positive review. Assuming the 1:50 rule, the doctor will receive 30 new positive reviews during the year.

You can beat the 1:50 rule with several additional tips that we'll share in the weeks to come.

To fast-forward this lesson plan and talk to an account manager about establishing a protocol in your office to get more reviews, please call 866.407.6020 or email support@empathiq.io.

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